At Lester Low, DDS, the SmilesDoctor, we're known for our state of the art approach to dentistry with the care that you individually deserve. This includes the technology and equipment with personalized care. Dr. Low and his staff have undergone extensive training so that you enjoy the benefits of state of the art dental care. In fact, he is known as a information technology consultant leader among many of the dentists in the community, nicknaming him "Dr. Gadget".


Dental Implants give strong options

We restore missing teeth with implants. The advantages to you are that they are very strong, the process is simple, very little discomfort, and allows you to often not have to cut your own teeth down. You will be able to chew most anything with implants. They are the best replacement for lost teeth.

Digital Xrays

Digital Xrays offer convenience and safety

You’ll be pleased to know that our practice uses DIGITAL X-Ray technology. The advantages of digital over traditional cardboard x-rays: more comfortable for you, greatly reduces your exposure to radiation (up to 90% less) and safer for the environment. Higher quality images are faster so your appointment will be shorter, and immediately projected for Dr. Low to diagnose and review with you. This digital advantage also enables us to store images and quickly transfer them to appropriate specialists or insurance companies.


Patient education program keeps you informed about your dental choices

CAESY is our patient education program that is networked throughout our office. You will understand the condition of your mouth and the treatments we prescribe. These short CAESY videos will help clarify your options to make informed decisions regarding your dental health.

Digital In Mouth Camera Imaging

Intraoral cameras help you see what the dentist sees

With our small mouth Cameras, we can see the smallest cracks and cavities to help in our diagnosis so you get the best care possible. You participate while watching what the Doctor diagnoses in real time. View clear, precise images of your mouth, teeth and gums. With enlarged images you will see details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations other doctors perform. This means faster diagnosis with less chair-time for you!

Want to see the future? With digital imaging, Dr. Low can show you what you'll look like after your smile makeover. You can make decisions about your dental care, so digital imaging is the ultimate tool.

Trios 3 and iTero Digital Impressions Scanners

Digital impression offer ease

Remember the big impression trays with lots of stuff in your mouth ready to gag you? Our Trios3 and Itero Scanners use Digtial impressions to scan your teeth, send to a lab over the internet. It is faster, more patient friendly, more accurate, and give a faster turnaround time for crowns and bridges. You will not miss the "runny stuff that gags you" and will instead love the "Star Wars Dentistry" on screen!

Electric Handpieces and Microscopes

Digital Xrays offer convenience and safety

Electric handpieces are quieter, faster and better than normal air turbine drills. Compared to traditional handpieces, electric handpieces create less heat and the rotation speed is more controlled. Thus your experience is 65% quieter, more conservative, and more comfortable by not having to keep your mouth open as long. Less than 20% of offices use this technology. We also utilize microscopes to view your teeth which makes our dentistry even more precise.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign - Orthodontics for adults

Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth without letting anyone know. The wonderful thing about Invisalign is that it uses clear, plastic retainers instead of old-fashioned metal braces. These retainers are removable, feel more comfortable and work faster than metal braces. Best of all, they are virtually invisible. Lots of adults who thought they were ‘too old for braces’ are getting the smiles they always wanted thanks to Invisalign. Have you always wanted orthodontic treatment, but you feel like braces would make you look immature or unprofessional? Ask about a free consultation! Dr. Low is an Invisalign Certified Provider to provide you with beautiful looking smile.


Dental lasers for pain-free dental care

We have lasers which we use in treatment for specific procedures which aids in comfort, ease and speed of dental care. We use our diode laser to recontour gums, remove overgrowths, and many other soft-tissue procedures. For soft tissue (surgical) procedures, it eliminates the need for scalpels, creates a sterile surgical field with little to no bleeding, and healing is much faster with minimal discomfort afterwards.


In our sterilization station, we use state of the up to date technology, including hands-free features that meet or exceed OSHA standards and meet all current CDC,CA State Department of Health, OSHA, ADA, and CDA guidelines. We are always conscious of the changing COVID-19 protocol.

Technology Comforts

Throughout our office we have networked Sony XBR Flatscreen HDTVs which you can watch watch a Blu-Ray, or MP4 movie, stream Netflix, or TiVO to catch up on the latest TV show. You can sit back and listen to music on Pandora or hundreds of MP3s on our player full of relaxation music. We also have WiFi availible.

Watch Netflix while we perform your dental procedure Enjoy the latest TV shows on our Tivo system Enjoy Pandora streaming music while we clean your teeth

Internet capable and Wi Fi Access

We have WiFi that you may be able to check your email, search, or check your latest Facebook, Instagram or TicTok status.

Communications and Reminders via Text or Email

We still fully value the wonderful personal phone calls so you enjoy customer service. For those who embrace the newer technology, we do patient scheduling, reminders, and confirmations via Email, Texting, and Facebook. Please LIKE our FACEBOOK site to be included on our office communications and opt in to these services to be included. Of course we value your privacy and you can opt-in or opt-out of any of the communication methods. We want your experience to be personalized by preferences. Check out our 750+ 5 STAR reviews!

Call the SmilesDoctor today to schedule your appointment with Lester Low. Our Stockton dental office provides leading edge dentistry for residents of Stockton, Lodi, Manteca Lathrop.

Louise says...

"Thank you Dr. Low for the care and comfort I have had in your office for many years. I always feel when I leave your office that I have had the best treatment possible. I am always treated with kind respect. I almost look forward to coming in."

Don't like going to the Dentist? I LOVE going to my Dentist!

"Thank you Dr. Low for the excellent dental care I get from you and your staff. You, Dr. Low, are also an artist. I say this with conviction when I smile in the mirror."

— Alexa May

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