Bridges for our Stockton Dental Patient

These bridges replaced missing teeth when implants were not as popular. This young lady was born without a lateral tooth. She and her parents opted not to do an implant and chose the bridge instead. Keeping the color and size and shape of the other side in mind we were able to match her teeth perfectly.  She was pleased with her new smile!


Crowns to restore broken and ground teeth

This patient had many broken and chipped teeth with many restorations that were getting old due her continuous grinding and age. Wanting a new look on her smile, we were able to create upper crowns that allowed her to truly have the smile she wanted. She also chose a lighter shade that made her more youthful. The patient was absolutely tickled pink!


Porcelain dental veneers and cosmetic bridges create a beautiful smile

First seen when he was a child, this patient was born with naturally small teeth and missing one lower front tooth. After growing up into his teens, we were able to create a new smile with a combination of Porcelain Veneers and Bridges. This quiet child went on to be a fine young man with the renewed confidence and smile that he deserved and became a graphic design artist. This smile changed this young man's life forever.


Dental implants repair a missing front tooth

This young lady was born without a front tooth and wore a flipper for many years until she could get a new front tooth with an implant. We custom shaded and sized her front tooth with an implant so that you could not tell that she had had any restoration. In this case, artistry also comes with dentistry: we get to create a beautiful matched smile. She was beyond words when we finished!


Bleaching repairs stained, yellow teeth

Bleaching with our special techniques allows us to achieve excellent results, better than any over the counter kits that you can buy. These untouched photos show you some of our excellent results. This patient could not believe how great her results were and loved the color.

Louise says...

"Thank you Dr. Low for the care and comfort I have had in your office for many years. I always feel when I leave your office that I have had the best treatment possible. I am always treated with kind respect. I almost look forward to coming in."

Don't like going to the Dentist? I LOVE going to my Dentist!

"Thank you Dr. Low for the excellent dental care I get from you and your staff. You, Dr. Low, are also an artist. I say this with conviction when I smile in the mirror."

— Alexa May

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